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My name is Russell Arimenta and I am the photographer and mentor behind Soscenic Photography. We are located Between Jacksonville and St Augustine Florida and frequently travel the state.

The world is a beautiful portrait just waiting to be captured.  The stories we tell and the memories we keep stand the test of time. 

Contact me if you are 

  • Modeling looking for a different perspective.  
  • An Influencer looking to revive that Instagram or Facebook Profile
  • High School Senior looking to have your senior portraits done in your environment rather than a studio. 
  • Have a product you are looking to promote.  
  • Car clubs hit me up to photograph your weekend events.
  • Lifestyle Shot where you are looking to tell a story.  
  • Need work done for your only fan sites.
  • Photographer looking to have b roll shot of you creating content with other creatives.

Tell us what you need and let Soscenic Photography figure out how to help tell your story.

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